Bespoke Solutions: when off-the-shelf isn’t enough

7th luty 2018

Many consignments are a simple case of transporting goods or materials from A to B, safely, and on time. Job done.

But what if your supply chain is immeasurably complex, relying on numerous suppliers, transporters and destinations to deliver seamlessly, where one missed deadline can result in the whole chain collapsing? Add in tight timeframes and elements beyond your control, like the winter weather, and the potential for supply chain failure can become a reality.

At Priority Freight, we specialise in delivering the bespoke services that ensure your supply chain delivers on time, every time.

The most important aspect when providing a bespoke solution is understanding and recognising what the client needs and guiding them towards the best option.” Anita Ivan, Team Leader

What distinguishes Priority Freight’s bespoke services?

We are experts in designing bespoke solutions for requirements which don’t fit into standard logistics solutions, whether because of the size or number of pallets, the rapid transit time required, or a combination of different types of freight, or specific needs like temperature control or delicate handling.

As the name suggests, every bespoke consignment is different, and each one has to be managed in a slightly different way:

  • Logistics solutions designed around your unique request

It may be a one-off situation, or a regular need, but if you need to transport something with unusual needs, we will design a solution to meet them.

  • Tailor-made solutions created for an ad-hoc requirement

In an emergency, like an incident or breakdown in your manufacturing chain, our logistics experts will find alternatives to minimise downtime.

  • Handling consignments outside standard transport parameters

If your consignment is of unusual size and weight, or needs to go via a certain route, we can handle it. We’ve transported yachts from northern to southern Europe, and chartered the largest cargo plane in the world.

  • Safe transport for consignments needing extra attention and care

We recently arranged for The Scots Band’s musical instruments to be flown from Scotland to Hong Kong and back, and needed to be sure that these particularly delicate items were handled with the care they require.

  • Understanding the time constraints and ramifications of a delay and getting to the crux of the requirement

The more we know, the better the solution. We work with our customers to understand their business and design solutions that keep their supply chain working smoothly.

“Bespoke solutions are not tried and tested, so we need to consider every eventuality based on our experience.” Leanne Barry, Team Leader

A to B is one thing. But if your supply chain is complex, with each link relying on the other to succeed, our experts will connect, air, sea and road solutions to ensure everything links from international to local level.

Successful bespoke solutions, whatever your needs

All bespoke services include an element of speed, but where some projects are based solely around meeting a tight deadline, others are about the delicate nature of the consignment itself.

Meeting a tight deadline

A major client called Priority Freight at 2pm UK time (10pm in China) on a Thursday and required 14 pallets weighing 3000kg each to be transported from China to Europe by the following Wednesday. As well as the time challenge, we had to work around the customer’s weekend warehouse closure, and complex customs export procedures, as well as the remote location of the warehouse in China. The time difference in China meant we could not even immediately check availability with airlines, but had to rely on our previous experience to know where we could find space, and our client trusted us to set the chain in motion without confirmed flights. This bespoke solution involved a 48-hour journey by truck in China, additional packing by our partner to ensure the consignment would withstand the journey to Europe, and a driver-swap to ensure non-stop travel across 1,200km in Europe, to reach the final destination on time.

Delicate handling for precision engineering

Transporting engines is always a bespoke job, because of the customs requirements for such valuable cargo, and the delicate handling required. With our experience of multiple engine transports around Europe, Priority Freight knows the importance of verifying the type of cargo, completing the correct customs declarations and ensuring that everything is correctly loaded.

Both are very different consignments and have their own reasons for needing bespoke solutions. Whatever our clients’ bespoke needs, Priority Freight’s skilled and experienced logistics experts are ideally placed to use our supply network to its full potential, thinking outside the box, and always thinking about speed to deliver on-time.

“Whether through building a lasting working relationship or asking the right questions at the right time with a new customer; knowing and understanding the customer’s business is key to providing successful bespoke logistics solutions” Mindaugas Povilaika, Operations Manager

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