Turn stress into success

3rd April 2017

April is Stress Awareness Month, and whilst healthcare professionals and experts worldwide join forces to increase awareness about causes and cures of this modern epidemic, at Priority Freight we’ve been thinking about the role we play as a leading time-critical logistics partner in helping to reduce stress in the supply chain.

Stress-test your supply chain

In today’s globalised markets, with long and complex networks and increasingly unpredictable external forces at work, supply chain management is one of the biggest headaches for manufacturers and suppliers.

When the failure of just one element can have a knock-on effect on production, transport and delivery that could cost millions in downtime, unfulfilled orders or lost sales, it’s hardly surprising if the people responsible for getting parts, materials and products to the right place at the right time experience levels of stress that can have long-term effects on their health.

Priority Freight promotes confidence

If it’s unpredictable, unstable or unclear, sooner or later the cracks will show. By understanding every element of your supply chain, we can assess its strengths (and weaknesses) and show you where the risks lie – before it breaks. Whether there are potential issues over compliance with international regulations or variations in demand arising from a volatile market, our thorough knowledge and strong partnerships will enable us to show you how your supply chain can be strengthened and protected.

Getting you back on track

If the unthinkable has already happened, and your supply chain has broken, our site technical assistance can get things moving again more quickly than you might imagine:

A major UK manufacturer experienced a moulding machine breakdown, and had to introduce an alternative manufacturing line in a facility several miles from their main plant; which meant shuttling components and tooling between the two sites for several days.

They immediately called Priority Freight. Within 25 minutes we were positioning vehicles, and for the next 48 hour they were used around the clock, loading every 15-30 minutes. 170 time-critical transports later, we had prevented a catastrophic service failure and avoided substantial financial penalties for the client.

Achieving the impossible

Even when the challenges seem insurmountable, a team with the right expedited logistics expertise will come up with a solution:

Following a production crisis with one of its suppliers, an international automotive manufacturer needed urgent help to avoid multiple plant shutdowns in the UK and Europe costing over £250 million per week.
Priority Freight’s 24/7 crisis management team took over the supply chain and worked side-by-side with the client to formulate a workable solution – which involved moving 150 tonnes of stamping press machinery from the UK to the US with two days’ notice, over a weekend.

This impossible-sounding task was made possible by our peerless network of contacts, enabling us to charter the only aircraft in the world capable of moving such a heavy shipment. Typically booked out months in advance, the Antonov An-225 was secured in just two hours, and despite weather conditions exceeding our worst expectations, our escorting personnel handed over delivery on schedule.

We’re proud to have been able to help both of these clients avert disaster, but at Priority Freight, all our day-to-day operations are focused on ensuring that every transport arrives on time, every time.

That’s the level of confidence that gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their brand reputation is protected, that they are in control and that they have the most efficient, well-planned and agile supply chain possible.

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Turn supply chain stress into success with Priority Freight

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