22nd October 2021


As a team, we hope, collectively, to travel the length of the UK. It’s 1,743km (1,083 miles) from Lands End to John O’Groats so, if everyone in the company takes part, we will only need to cover 9km (6 miles) each!

Every time you complete a distance-based event (any activity counts, e.g. running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.), submit your distance. Simply log your information below to be added to the wall of fame. You will be able to see how far we have journeyed and see us advance on the map.

Closing date for submissions is midnight on Friday 19th November (the night of the BBC Appeal Show). The company will buy each finishing team member* a 2021 Pudsey Beanie Bear so make sure you take part!

Simply donate to our fundraising page and get your family and friends to sponsor us too! Good news, the company will double the amount fundraised; together, we can raise money to change lives.

*while stocks last

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Date Name Office Distance Discipline Total
21/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 5.87km Walk 5.87km
21/10/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 4.55km Run 10.42km
21/10/2021 Leanne B. Dover 10.72km Cycle 21.14km
21/11/2021 Arshad H. Dover 1.5km Walk 22.64km
22/10/2021 Leanne B. Dover 14.9km Cycle 37.54km
21/10/2021 Arshad H. Dover 2.1km Walk 39.64km
23/10/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 5.01km Run 45.65km
23/10/2021 Kevin N. Dover 6.78km Run 51.43km
23/10/2021 Ian C. Dover 3.45km Run 54.88km
23/10/2021 Lisa F. Dover 14.0km Walk 68.88km
23/10/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.32km Cycle 85.20km
23/10/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.95km Cycle 102.15km
25/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 6.9km Walk 109.05km
26/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 4.8km Walk 113.85km
26/10/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 4.86km Run 118.71km
26/10/2021 Matthew T. Dover 5.0km Run 123.71km
27/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 5.2km Walk 128.91km
27/10/2021 Jon S. Dover 7.04km Run 135.95km
27/10/2021 Ian C. Dover 3.15km Run 139.10km
27/10/2021 Arshad H. Dover 3.5km Walk 142.60km
28/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 8.7km Walk 151.30km
28/10/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 4.55km Run 155.85km
27/10/2021 Emma C. Dover 6.9km Walk 162.75km
29/10/2021 Lisa F. Dover 8.0km Walk 170.75km
30/10/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 4.97km Run 175.72km
30/10/2021 Sam S. Dover 2.6km Walk 178.32km
30/10/2021 Jon S. Dover 5.52km Walk 183.84km
30/10/2021 Kevin N. Dover 5.0km Run 188.84km
30/10/2021 Arshad H. Dover 1.1km Walk 189.94km
31/10/2021 Kelly K. Dover 8.05km Run 197.99km
31/10/2021 Martin P. Coventry 21.08km Run 219.07km
31/10/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 27.36km Run 246.43km
31/10/2021 Stuart S. Dover 35.41km Walk 281.84km
01/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 3.0km Run 284.84km
01/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 3.0km Walk 287.84km
01/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 291.84km
01/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 23.79km Cycle 315.63km
01/11/2021 Arshad H. Dover 1.5km Walk 317.13km
02/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 8.06km Run 325.19km
02/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 3.22km Run 328.41km
02/11/2021 Liz B. Dover 6.1km Run 334.81km
02/11/2021 Ian C. Dover 3.49km Run 338.00km
02/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 9.4km Walk 347.40km
02/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.42km Cycle 363.82km
02/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 367.82km
02/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.42km Cycle 384.24km
03/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 10km Run 394.24km
03/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 7.06km Run 401.30km
03/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 6.4km Walk 407.70km
03/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.0km Walk 412.70km
03/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 416.70km
03/11/2021 Matthew T. Dover 5.0km Run 421.70km
04/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 8.5km Walk 430.20km
04/11/2021 Martin P. Coventry 8.05km Run 438.25km
04/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 6.0km Walk 444.25km
04/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 5.63km Run 449.88km
04/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.14km Cycle 466.02km
04/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 470.02km
04/11/2021 Arshad H. Dover 1.1km Walk 471.12km
05/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 2.5km Walk 473.42km
05/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 9.6km Walk 483.02km
05/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 43.67km Walk 526.69km
05/11/2021 Lisa F. Dover 2.5km Cycle 529.19km
05/11/2021 Lisa F. Dover 7.5km Walk 536.69km
05/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 24.41km Walk 561.10km
05/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 565.10km
05/11/2021 Sam S. Dover 3.21km Walk 568.31km
05/11/2021 Liz T.C. Dover 2.41km Walk 570.72km
05/11/2021 Joe P. Dover 22km Walk 592.72km
05/11/2021 Rachel M. Coventry 6.7km Walk 599.42km
06/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 6.6km Run 606.02km
06/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 5.0km Run 611.02km
06/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 14.85km Run 625.87km
06/11/2021 Martin P. Coventry 12.87km Run 638.74km
06/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 8.89km Walk 647.63km
06/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.0km Walk 652.63km
06/11/2021 Kevin N. Dover 5.0km Run 657.63km
06/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 26.79km Cycle 684.42km
06/11/2021 Lisa F. Dover 4.5km Cycle 688.92km
06/11/2021 Lisa F. Dover 11km Walk 699.92km
06/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 1.0km Walk 700.92km
06/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 6.9km Walk 707.82km
06/11/2021 Joao A. Dover 3.0km Walk 710.82km
06/11/2021 Rachel M. Coventry 6.7km Walk 717.52km
07/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 6.2km Walk 723.72km
07/11/2021 Claire H. Coventry 3.2km Walk 726.92km
07/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 6.47km Walk 733.39km
07/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 6.8km Walk 740.19km
07/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 8.05km Run 748.24km
07/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 10.3km Walk 758.54km
07/11/2021 Marie W. Dover 1.0km Row 759.54km
07/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 23.98km Cycle 783.52km
07/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 1.0km Walk 784.52km
07/11/2021 Sam S. Dover 6.7km Walk 791.22km
07/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 6.9km Walk 798.12km
07/11/2021 Steve D. Dover 14.5km Walk 812.62km
07/11/2021 Edyta R. Dover 10.0km Walk 822.62km
07/11/2021 Rachel M. Coventry 6.6km Walk 829.22km
08/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.82km Cycle 846.04km
08/11/2021 Kevin N. Dover 1.61km Walk 847.65km
08/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 852.65km
08/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 3.94km Walk 856.59km
08/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 3.94km Walk 860.53km
08/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 14.39km Walk 874.92km
08/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 0.46km Swim 875.38km
08/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 12.8km Walk 888.18km
08/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 3.22km Run 891.40km
07/11/2021 Mesi D. Dover 3.0km Walk 894.40km
08/11/2021 Steve D. Dover 9.22km Walk 903.62km
08/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 909.72km
08/11/2021 Lewis M. Coventry 15.75km Run 925.47km
08/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 929.47km
08/11/2021 Dover 4.0km Walk 933.47km
09/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 25.0km Cycle 958.47km
09/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.0km Walk 963.47km
09/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 22.52km Cycle 985.99km
09/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 992.09km
09/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 997.09km
09/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 6.6km Run 1003.69km
09/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 6.3km Walk 1009.99km
09/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 5.53km Run 1015.52km
09/11/2021 Liz B. Dover 5.75km Run 1021.27km
09/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 15.3km Walk 1036.57km
10/11/2021 Claire H. Coventry 3.0km Walk 1039.57km
09/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1043.57km
09/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 11.7km Walk 1055.27km
07/11/2021 Matthew T. Dover 5.0km Walk 1060.27km
09/11/2021 Sam S Dover 4.5km Walk 1064.77km
10/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 33.0km Cycle 1097.77km
10/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 1102.77km
10/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1108.87km
10/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.0km Walk 1113.87km
10/11/2021 Marie W. Dover 5.0km Walk 1118.87km
10/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 7.9km Walk 1126.77km
10/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 4.2km Walk 1130.97km
10/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 16.7km Walk 1147.67km
10/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.2km Walk 1152.87km
10/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1156.87km
10/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 10.2km Walk 1167.07km
10/11/2021 Arshad H. Dover 1.5km Walk 1168.57km
11/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 1173.57km
11/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 11.2km Cycle 1184.77km
11/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1190.87km
11/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 3.1km Swim 1193.87km
11/11/2021 Martin P. Coventry 12.07km Run 1206.04km
11/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 15.1km Walk 1221.14km
11/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 6.76km Run 1227.90km
11/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1231.90km
11/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 13.4km Walk 1245.30km
11/11/2021 Matthew T. Dover 5.0km Run 1250.30km
12/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 2.86km Walk 1253.16km
12/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1259.26km
12/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 1264.26km
12/11/2021 Lisa F. Dover 23.0km Walk 1287.26km
12/11/2021 Mesi D. Dover 3.5km Walk 1290.76km
12/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 1.5km Walk 1292.26km
12/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 1.5km Walk 1293.76km
12/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 24.3km Cycle 1318.06km
12/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 3.5km Walk 1321.56km
12/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 2.88km Run 1324.44km
12/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 3.8km Walk 1328.24km
12/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1332.24km
12/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 14.8km Walk 1347.04km
12/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 6.0km Walk 1353.04km
13/11/2021 Martin P. Coventry 14.48km Run 1367.52km
13/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 5.0km Run 1372.52km
13/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 7.25km Run 1379.77km
13/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 6.8km Walk 1386.57km
13/11/2021 Claire H. Coventry 8.0km Walk 1394.57km
13/11/2021 Laura S. Dover 5.0km Walk 1399.57km
13/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.91km Cycle 1416.48km
13/11/2021 Kevin N. Dover 5.0km Run 1421.48km
13/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 16.74km Cycle 1438.22km
13/11/2021 Joao A. Dover 4.0km Walk 1442.22km
13/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 2.7km Walk 1444.92km
13/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 11.7km Walk 1456.62km
13/11/2021 Liz T.C. Dover 4.5km Walk 1461.12km
13/11/2021 Sam S. Dover 6.0km Walk 1467.12km
14/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 10.62km Run 1477.74km
14/11/2021 Jon S. Dover 6.5km Run 1484.24km
14/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 4.3km Walk 1488.54km
14/11/2021 Edyta R. Dover 5.0km Run 1493.54km
14/11/2021 Marie W. Dover 4.0km Walk 1497.54km
14/11/2021 Kevin N. Dover 3.62km Walk 1501.16km
14/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 34.05km Cycle 1535.21km
14/11/2021 Joao A. Dover 3.0km Walk 1538.21km
14/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 6.1km Walk 1544.31km
14/11/2021 Viktoria D. Dover 4.8km Walk 1549.11km
15/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1555.21km
15/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 10.6km Walk 1565.81km
15/11/2021 Jason B. Heathrow 5.0km Walk 1570.81km
15/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 6.0km Walk 1576.81km
15/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 2.9km Run 1579.71km
15/11/2021 Ugis M. Coventry 11.3km Walk 1591.01km
15/11/2021 Nick D. Dover 8.6km Walk 1599.61km
15/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1603.61km
16/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 17.25km Cycle 1620.86km
16/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 3.8km Walk 1624.66km
16/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1630.76km
16/11/2021 Martin P. Coventry 11.27km Run 1642.03km
16/11/2021 Rebecca G. Dover 8.37km Run 1650.40km
16/11/2021 Kelly K. Dover 5.0km Run 1655.40km
16/11/2021 Liz B. Dover 5.85km Run 1661.25km
16/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 6.7km Walk 1667.95km
16/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 1.7km Swim 1669.65km
16/11/2021 Nick D. Dover 8.6km Walk 1678.25km
16/11/2021 Neal W. Dover 10.0km Walk 1688.25km
16/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1692.25km
17/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 23.2km Cycle 1715.45km
17/11/2021 Leanne B. Dover 3.2km Walk 1718.65km
17/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 6.1km Walk 1724.75km
17/11/2021 Jon Dover 9.35km Walk 1734.10km
17/11/2021 Nick D. Dover 8.6km Walk 1742.70km
17/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 1.6km Swim 1744.30km
17/11/2021 Michelle C. Dover 12.12km Walk 1747.82km
17/11/2021 Niamh M. Coventry 4.0km Walk 1760.42km
17/11/2021 Sam S. Dover 3.0km Walk 1763.42km
17/11/2021 Arshad H. Dover 2.3km Walk 1765.72km
18/11/2021 Neli A. Dover 12.2km Walk 1777.92km
18/11/2021 Emma C. Dover 5.16km Walk 1783.08km
18/11/2021 Leanne Dover 26.01km Cycle 1809.09km
19/11/2021 Emma Dover 3.37km Walk 1812.46km
19/11/2021 Leanne Dover 7.7km Walk 1820.16km
19/11/2021 Emma Dover 3.22km Run 1823.38km


Most efforts: Leanne, Dover – 26 entries
Total distance: Leanne, Dover – 440.04km
Longest distance (walking): Ugis, Coventry – 43.67km walk
Longest distance (cycling): Leanne, Dover – 34.05km cycle
Longest distance (running): Lewis, Coventry – 27.36km run
Longest distance (swimming): Emma, Dover – 3.1km swim
Longest distance (rowing): Marie, Dover – 1.0km row

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