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12th September 2018

Priority Freight has come a long way since the days when we were operating out of one office in the UK. We now have eight strategically-located control centres across Europe as well as a network of approved agents around the globe.

Utilising this network of control centres and agents is vital to working seamlessly across the globe to deliver the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable solutions to our clients. It’s not enough just to have people ‘on the ground’; for our services to be industry-leading, each of our control centres conform to well-established processes and adhere to the same high standards, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AEO and IATA.

Sharing global experience

Most recently, Laura Casais from our Madrid office in Spain spent five weeks at our head office in Dover providing training and support to the Global Services department.

Laura has been part of the Priority Freight team since the office opened in 2016, originally as a logistics coordinator focusing on air freight. Her invaluable experience is now being split between the sales team, and coordinating our new China to Europe project together with Santiago Tejedo, our General Manager in Madrid. Even with all of this going on, she still found time to come to the UK to work with the Global Services team in Dover.

When asked to comment on her stay, Laura told us, “I came over to share my air freight background and the expertise we’ve developed in our Madrid office over the last two years. Sharing experience is vital to building a great working structure across our offices, so we can ensure Priority Freight’s clients and agents get the best possible experience. It’s exciting to see what happens when we put our strengths together and develop complete visibility throughout the process.”

As well as sharing her own expertise, Laura said that she learned a lot from working in a different office, “It’s a great experience and I would recommend that everyone spends some time working in another location. It’s great to see how other offices organise and manage jobs and, despite going to the UK to provide training, I took so much back with me to Madrid.

“I feel I have developed deeper relationships with my colleagues as a result, making it easier to talk to everyone and understand their roles. It’s much easier to know who to ask, and for what, when you need help.”

Developing stronger working relationships

When Laura was asked how different it was working in Dover compared with Madrid, she said, “I think the biggest difference (besides the weather!) is the number of people working at head office, especially considering how big our head office is and how well-organised the teams and shifts are.

“When I first started in Madrid, I remember there were just five of us; General Manager, Santiago Tejedo, and four logistics coordinators, including Matteo Bortesi, who transferred from head office. Before joining Priority Freight, I used to work in a big office and to begin with, working with a lot of people was something I really missed. But we’ve grown a lot together, and now have more than 15 people in our office. Who knows, maybe in another two years we will have 30 employees!”

With so many staff in Dover, naturally the volume of calls every day was higher than at the Madrid office, but Laura insists that it’s no less busy. Laura found the cultural diversity a big plus, though. With over 100 employees in our head office, from 22 different nationalities, getting to know so many people from different places, just by going to work, was an enriching and exciting experience.

She said, “I never miss an opportunity to learn more about other cultures; from my five weeks I learnt how to write Happy Birthday in Chinese and how to pronounce some words in Hungarian. And how else would I have met a Faroese person? That’s pretty unique! I also loved explaining things we do differently in Spain, like keeping both your Mother’s and your Father’s surnames.”

To start with, Laura found having to speak in English all the time quite challenging, but she decided it had become second nature to her by the time she went home!

Having had this experience, she believes that possessing global offices is a real strength for Priority Freight, as it enables our clients and agents to feel closer to us and develop a greater trust. “I think the better the communication, the better relationships we build; and the more satisfied our clients are.”

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