How we aim to have a positive impact on the environment

14th June 2019

The environment and the impact we as businesses have on the planet has been a matter of concern now for a couple of decades. The recent emergence of teenage activist, Greta Thunberg and environmental groups, such as Extinction Rebellion, has dominated the headlines over the spring; so the focus for businesses to project a positive environmental message has been elevated.

When it comes to the environment there is one clear message, we are all active participants and in one way or another are leaving a carbon footprint. That footprint is something we can all influence, manage and affect in a positive way. The Government has a duty to enact positive change through its environmental policies and legislations. Businesses then incorporate these and have the responsibility to act with due care and in a way that can influence their employees.

Companies that adopt strong environmental policies, practices and responsibilities, send a clear message to their employees, suppliers and customers that can affect the way we all behave and can result in a positive impact on the wider environment. Enacting change will always be an on-going battle. At Priority Freight, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and ensure our people and partners uphold the same values.

Priority Freight works to an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system. ISO 14001, like many standards, is an accreditation people are reassured by. We maintain our ISO 14001 accreditation by putting into practice environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contribute to the sustainability of our waste management. We incorporate a variety of measurable practices into all of our processes allowing us to report on the positive environmental impact. So, our employees and customers benefit as much as the environment does.

Our sites are internally audited based on risk to ensure we focus on areas that can have the largest environmental impact. Results from our previous audits show we are actively making reductions in all of our utilities, despite an increasing headcount.

Our ISO accreditation and environmental policy shows our commitment to reducing and eliminating the amount of single use plastic we use. Little changes, such as removing all Tipp-Ex mice, individual water bottles and plastic cups and replacing them with glasses, may seem small, but together these actions haven’t just raised employee awareness, they’ve encouraged people to think about their own plastic use in the home.

We regularly run poster and email campaigns to remind all our team to consider the environment and provide suggestions of changes that could make a positive impact. For example, reducing their CO2 by walking to the shops at lunch time rather than driving.

On World Environment Day (June 5th) we encourage our Green Champions to give back to the local environment. Last year the team at Dover organised a beach clean and collected 13 large black sacks filled with discarded rubbish from the shore. Eight of those bags were filled with plastic that would become a hazard for marine and wildlife, let alone children and sunbathers hoping to enjoy a day at the beach. It is estimated that worldwide 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finds its way into our oceans every single day, with 13 million tonnes of plastic introduced into our oceans every year.

Responsibility lays with us all to do something positive, to change our behaviour and educate ourselves. Companies must do everything they can to reduce their impact and raise awareness within themselves and the wider environment.

We are proud to have our ISO 14001 environmental management system accreditation and to take positive actions to lessen our impact on the world. Our goal is to deliver a net positive impact on the environment and continually develop initiatives to improve our environmental footprint. By leading as an example, we hope that the message passes on to our employees and everyone who collaborates with Priority Freight.

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