How to ensure a logistics team delivers both speed and efficiency

2nd July 2018

In the expedited logistics industry, fast delivery times are one of a customer’s prime considerations, so how quickly we can deliver their goods, materials or equipment is often one of the main topics of conversation. Of course, it’s vital that we get consignments from A to B as fast as possible, no matter how complex the route.
But at Priority Freight, we know there are many other elements to delivering a superb logistics service. Simply being ‘speedy’ isn’t enough – every element of the process has to work harder to fulfil our customers’ needs.

What speed really means in the logistics industry

Although speed is extremely important when it comes to hitting customer deadlines, it’s really only half of the story. The other half is accuracy. In our industry, a small mistake could lead to a catastrophic outcome. Just think, if something as simple as an incorrect date was added to an order this could lead to production downtime. When that is estimated at 30,000 euros per minute – the problem becomes vast, very quickly.

In logistics, speed only delivers when twinned with accuracy.

How our teams ensure Priority Freight excels in a fast-paced environment

Rather like a well-oiled engine, which needs all component parts to work together for the car to move forward, everyone has a specific role.

Our customer solutions team turns the key for ignition (taking initial enquiries and overseeing everything through to completion), another team accelerating (managing the consignment on its way from A to B) and a team which safely parks (ensuring delivery on time and in perfect condition).

Working in such a structured way allows us to manage higher volumes and provide unparalleled customer service. It also allows each of our employees to specialise in a particular area, so we have a team of experts working on every element of a project.

The processes that help staff work with speed and accuracy

Our bespoke transport management system supports both our customers and our staff. This easy-to-use and informative, cloud-based interface is used by prominent tier one suppliers around the world. With all the information in one place, managing projects and reporting KPIs is much faster and more efficient.

We run regular training workshops which focus on core competency modules. Having the basics at hand allows quicker, more accurate thinking. It’s like learning your times tables, something you keep with you forever!

It’s also vital for the teams to have appropriate support. Our team leaders and operations managers have over 50 years of collective Priority Freight experience, enabling them to ensure that everyone has access to expertise and support.

Ensuring our workforce is efficiently working towards the same goal

Efficiency comes from having solid processes in place. But we’re not afraid of change. Regular feedback sessions determine whether our processes are currently working for our business, and we embrace alternatives to bring improved efficiency.

Every staff member has targets to meet – not as individuals but as a team. We work as a team and achieve as a team, and goals and strategy changes are discussed on a daily basis.

Support and advice help our teams work with both speed and accuracy

The most important part of a speedy and efficient process is communication. Every individual works at a slightly different speed, and our personal experiences determine our knowledge.

At Priority Freight we don’t expect every member of our team to individually know everything, but we do expect them to constantly communicate with their team leaders,
so that everyone knows what’s going on, and we all benefit from shared expertise.

The ebb and flow nature of our business means that workloads change rapidly, with each department experiencing unique flows. Communication is key to their smooth running and delivering an industry-leading service to our customers.

When choosing a logistics provider, be sure that their staff, processes and expertise are all aligned to deliver both speed AND accuracy. Offering a faster delivery service, or a cheaper one, is no help if time and cost aren’t balanced with quality – the accuracy of the service. With your consignment in the hands of the wrong logistics partner, the old saying ‘more haste, less speed’ could prove to be an expensive truth.

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