What does our AEOF status mean for you?

11th Januar 2021

At Priority Freight, we are immensely proud of our accreditations and professional memberships. As a leading time-critical logistics specialist, we always look to develop our service offering, to provide unrivalled expedited transport services to market-leading global companies, and our Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) status allows us to continue exceeding client expectations.

AEO looks to enhance international supply chain security and, at its very crux, is the customs business partnership which was introduced by the World Customs Organisation (WCO). Although AEO is not mandatory, it is becoming a quality standard among highly competitive logistics partners.

Priority Freight has been accredited with Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) status at all our UK locations, as well as the EU AEO at our Madrid operations. By operating with AEOF, Priority Freight accesses quicker customs procedures, is able to move goods into temporary storage between different member states, and is recognised with trading partners that adopt the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards. Our AEOF status provides security and confidence to our customers who are safe in the knowledge that it’s business as usual, post-Brexit.

This globally recognised accreditation showcases the role Priority Freight and other like-minded providers play in the universal supply chain. Operators wishing to achieve AEO status must meet strict criteria around compliance with customs legislation and taxation rules, security and safety measures, proven standards of competence or qualifications and record keeping, whilst also demonstrating financial solvency. Achieving this combination of requirements enables our clients to have complete trust in us as their logistics partner.

As part of the process, all holders are reviewed on a regular basis and will be tested to ensure the AEO standards are maintained, protecting supply chain security.

Priority Freight’s AEOF status will help clients, particularly post-Brexit, by offering security and assurance in our customs practices and capabilities. AEO gives our clients great peace of mind and certainty that Priority Freight is able to speed up their supply chain through accelerating release for customs-related shipments, as an approved processor of customs shipments.

The attainment of this AEO status together with the latest ISO accreditation establishes us as a market leader within our fast-paced industry and represents our capabilities and consistent ability to deliver, which is highlighted by our 99.6% on time delivery rate. Clients can be confident that, with Priority Freight, they are receiving the highest level of service excellence.

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