Time-critical logistics provider receives higher ISO accreditation

2nd Oktober 2018

Priority Freight, a leading time-critical logistics specialist, has been awarded the latest BS EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality management systems) and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management systems) accreditations by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

The international logistics company passed the audits, for both certificates, conducted by Lloyd’s Register Group Limited (LRQA). Priority Freight has held previous versions of both the quality management systems and environmental management systems accreditations for some years.

ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates to clients that Priority Freight offers consistent high quality products and services. Nigel Croft, Chair of the ISO subcommittee says, “We have now gone a step further and ISO 9001:2015 is even less prescriptive than its predecessor, focusing instead on performance. We have achieved this by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the plan-do-check-act cycle at all levels in the organisation.” Following the more streamlined ISO 9001:2015 process allows Priority Freight to become even more efficient at providing time-critical logistics solutions.

With ISO 9001:2015 focused on the high quality performance of products and services it can easily be integrated with other management systems such as ISO 14001:2015. The management at Priority Freight recognises that good environmental practice is vital to the well-being and public perception of both the company and that of its clients and suppliers.

ISO 14001:2015 requires the company to consider all environmental impacts relating to their operations. With an extensive criteria to meet, Priority Freight needed to demonstrate continual improvement of the systems currently in place, as well as current and future environmental concerns.

By holding this environmental management system accreditation, it indicates compliance with current and future requirements, increases staff engagement and incorporates environmental concerns into integrated management systems to achieve strategic business goals. Along with these benefits, possessing ISO 14001:2015 also improves the company reputation, encourages better environmental performance of suppliers and provides a competitive and financial edge.

The ISO’s main aim is the development and publication of international standards and facilitating international trade. The independent, non-governmental, international organisation currently boasts a membership of 160 national standard bodies. The organisation brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant international standards, as well as supporting innovative solutions to global challenges.

Holding these ISO accreditations means that not only should clients expect improved quality and service from Priority Freight but also increased delivery on time rate, a reduction in costs, increased reliability and trust. In addition, working with an accredited provider such as Priority Freight means access to markets that might not have been attainable before, especially in developing countries, while ensuring risks are kept to a minimum.

Andrew Austin, Group Operations Director at Priority Freight commented on the accreditations, “Bodies such as the ISO are a real asset to the industry, providing innovative solutions, facilitate knowledge sharing and ensuring that high standards are met. Though we are all competitors, we all want to be part of an industry that is both fair and flourishing.”

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