Staff profile: Matteo Bortesi

9th Mai 2017

Matteo joined the Priority Freight team in 2014, after meeting up with some friends who already worked here. He had previous logistics experience, but wanted to work in the expedited sector.

He didn’t originally set out to work in logistics but, with a degree in business and administration, and an enthusiasm to develop his language skills, he decided to explore the industry.

“Using other languages at work is exciting, and keeps me focused and concentrating. I actually enjoy learning a few phrases in other languages. It helps me to be more open-minded, and knowing the language of a different country makes you perceive better its culture and lifestyle. And, of course, it helps to be able to talk to the drivers, load points and delivery points.”

Matteo also told us, “It’s an interesting world. Once I had to send two trailers to Caprera (a small island above Sardinia). It was strange, because a month later I went to Sardinia on holiday and crossed a very small bridge to reach that island. There’s not much there apart from sheep and visitors on summer holidays enjoying the beautiful beaches! Generally, I’d say to anyone interested in working for Priority Freight, to always be passionate about what you do. Logistics can be very creative. It’s a changing environment that stimulates you to think of different alternatives, and you have to be able to adapt quickly. I enjoy finding and developing transport solutions for our clients – especially long-term projects that can improve relationships with the customer.”

There’s no such thing as an average day at Priority Freight but usually, Matteo’s day involves controlling all the operational transports to make sure everything is on track. He’s also responsible for responding quickly to clients’ requests and coming up with the fastest, most cost-effective solutions. Then he’ll build the job in the system – putting suppliers’ and clients’ invoices in the system and manage the job through to completion. As he admits, “It’s satisfying and exciting, but can be quite intense as we have to move so fast. I’ve learned how to be more productive and work in a fast-paced environment,” he says. “Outside of work, I like to read or go for a beer, and, despite moving to Madrid, I still regularly play football (some of my colleagues in Dover still remember my ‘chair of the barber’ when I used to play on their seven-a-side team!).”

Before joining the Madrid office, Matteo worked in Dover, and he’s been able to bring his experience from the UK to Spain, taking a method that has worked elsewhere and adapting it to work in different circumstances.“I’m very thankful for this opportunity and enthusiastic about the Madrid office, and I believe it can grow a lot. As the business expands, there will be more need to develop the structure of the office, and I look forward to the possible career opportunities.“

Willkommen bei Priority Freight

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