Recognising the Project Managers who keep your supply chains moving

2nd November 2017

The 14th International Project Management (IPM) Day is on Thursday 2 November 2017, and here at Priority Freight we’re right behind the idea of recognising the project managers who work tirelessly to complete every project efficiently and on time. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be a leading global logistics company.

IPM Day was created in 2004 to encourage project-based organisations worldwide to demonstrate appreciation for the achievements of project managers and their teams. Whilst in some businesses, ‘projects’ are separate from the day-to-day business operations, in logistics (as in many other industries) every consignment is essentially a project, with its own timeframe, requirements and budget, so our multilingual logistics experts are delivering multiple projects every day.

Keeping your supply chain moving

Logistics projects involve many areas of the supply chain, including purchasing, planning, coordination, transportation, warehousing and distribution. When it comes to the international market, collaboration between the right partners is essential to ensure efficient and smooth flow of information between all elements.

Just one missed deadline can jeopardise an entire supply chain. No matter where the failure is, it can set off a chain of events affecting production, transport and delivery leading to unexpected costs, downtime, unfulfilled orders and lost sales.

So it’s crucial that your logistics partner can offer the support of on-site technical assistance, and is robust enough not only to offer immediate help, but also to implement rapid changes. As a leading time-critical logistics partner, dealing with supply chain stress is our speciality.

Experts in extreme project management!

It’s fair to say that, thanks to our dedicated logistics team, we can organise anything, anywhere, even in the most extreme conditions. When a well-known automotive manufacturer contacted us one Monday morning, for example, several car makers in the UK and Europe were facing plant shutdowns with potential lost production costs in excess of £250m.

We immediately deployed a crisis management project team who worked tirelessly with the client to take over supply chain management and achieve the seemingly impossible – including relocating production to the US and China, with short-notice charter of the world’s only aircraft capable of handling the job, negotiating complex customs issues and battling the elements.

Read more about how our expertise kept the automotive industry moving and avoided costly shutdown for our client here.

Here at Priority Freight, we can assess your supply chain and show you where risks lie before a potential issue occurs. If your supply chain has already been interrupted, our expert team can get you up and running again, quicker than you’d imagine. We can also position our technical assistance team on-site at short notice to offer you that extra helping hand and peace of mind. In addition to transportation, we’ll apply our knowledge and expertise to supply chain practices, customs and regulations, and assist you with any warehousing or distribution needs.

Managing special projects

It’s not just our daily project managers who deserve recognition, though. Recently at Priority Freight we’ve implemented several changes as the result of the hard work of our teams. Our bespoke Transport Management System helps us to maintain one of the quickest response times in the industry – under 15 minutes – and ensure a 99.6% on-time delivery rate. And our KTP project has developed a tool that is helping us to combine loads and shipments to minimise impact on the environment. These special projects help us to improve on the excellent customer service for which we’re already recognised.

Here’s to the project managers and teams who keep our world, and yours, moving every day of the year.

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