Priority Freight tackles Brexit bottleneck with Faster Clearances by Priority Customs

1st Juni 2021

Priority Freight, a leading provider of time-critical logistics for the automotive industry, has developed the new Faster Clearances by Priority Customs service, offering rapid customs clearances at its truck park and warehouse facility in Dover and the warehouse in Coventry.

This new simplification procedure, ‘Clearance on Wheels’, was brought in by the UK Government to speed up the clearance process at UK borders. Priority Freight is one of only a few freight forwarders in the UK now qualified to provide the faster clearances service which has proven invaluable in risk mitigation post Brexit.

The Faster Clearances by Priority Customs service minimises delays by allowing customers to have their goods cleared within Priority Freight’s own premises, negating the need to attend the public inland border facility provided by the Government, avoiding any unforseen disruption. The financial and time-related gains of this procedure are further enhanced by the reputational benefits at a time when many vehicle and components manufacturers are publicly struggling to meet demand.

Jamie Brown, Customs Manager at Priority Freight explains: “The COVID-19 pandemic has limited supply of many goods across the globe, none more palpable than the current chip shortage in automotive but, despite the reduced volumes, customs clearance of imports in and exports out of the UK is still the cause of significant delays.

“Priority Freight has made substantial investments in training existing employees on customs clearance requirements, and to recruit a team of experienced customs clearance specialists. We implemented these measures early in the Brexit negotiations to ensure we could provide a complete service for the seamless transport of goods across the border. Having achieved full AEO status across the group and now the Faster Clearances by Priority Customs service means that Priority Freight can clear goods much more quickly for our clients where others continue to face delays.”

Shipments are expedited as Priority Freight handles the freight forwarding logistics, authorisations and storage solutions, providing a seamless end-to-end service through UK borders.

A multinational automotive engineering company recently called on Priority Freight to move one ton of precision steel tubes from Turkey to the UK in order to keep their production line flowing. Due to post-Brexit workloads, many freight companies could not facilitate any additional projects at that time but Priority Freight took on the time-critical challenge.

Existing in-house expertise and pre-emptive action regarding Brexit complications meant that Priority Freight became the chosen logistics partner to deliver the tubing and meet the client’s immovable deadline.

The ton of cargo reached the destination hours ahead of schedule due to Priority Freight’s customs expertise and Faster Clearances by Priority Customs service, which mitigated any time lost to unloading. The in-house expertise and proficiency for handling complex logistics solutions removed many of the barriers that threatened the continuity of the client’s business.

Priority Freight has the capability in place to ensure that customers continue to experience a secure and time efficient service, despite the requirements for clearing goods changing again on 1st January 2022, when full border controls will be introduced. Priority Freight is dedicated to providing the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions to its customers, time
and time again.

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