Priority Freight is committed to lessening the environmental impact of its operations

6th August 2018

At Priority Freight, we acknowledge that there are inevitable environmental impacts associated with our daily operations and the company seeks, wherever possible, to identify opportunities to deliver a net positive impact on the environment.

We’re always looking for ways to lessen the environmental impact of our services – whilst still delivering the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable solutions for our clients. As part of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Kent, we examined how we could cut down our CO2 emissions and save freight miles.

KTPs are government-led programmes that have been supporting businesses for more than 40 years. They help to improve competitiveness and productivity, by linking a business with a university and one of its graduates to work on a specific project.

During the 30-month partnership, Brian Gutierrez, an MSc Logistics graduate, researched our business, then developed and piloted a model for identifying opportunities to combine loads and shipments, reducing the number of individual vehicles needed to deliver consignments.

Brian took an analytics-driven approach, and his detailed calculations enabled him to identify a new algorithm to apply to our freight movements. Using this, Brian developed ‘G’, a tool which allows us to reduce the number of vehicle movements and miles covered across Europe. So far, his work is projected to cut our carbon emissions by an average of 2.2 tonnes of CO2 a week.

As the KTP partnership drew to a close, we acknowledged that, whilst it had already supported some incredible innovations and results, the work couldn’t stop there. It was always our intention that if the project was successful, it would drive long-term systems and operational developments.

With this in mind, the position of Systems Development Manager was created and filled by Brian, now a permanent member of the Priority Freight team. He is completing the development of ‘G’, identifying ways to refine and improve its functionality, as well as providing a strategy for further progressing our bespoke transport management system. To ensure that the benefits of these improvements are optimised across the company, Brian is also responsible for creating and delivering our training modules.

As Brian says, “The KTP project has allowed Priority Freight to find ways to make a huge difference to its environmental impact. In a ten-week test period alone, the tool identified solutions with the potential to save mileage the equivalent to three and a half times around the Earth’s circumference. I’m delighted to have joined the team in my new role, and I’m really excited about continuing the work to maximise the system’s potential across the business.”

Andrew Austin, Group Operations Director at Priority Freight, adds, “The KTP project was a huge success, and we’re delighted that it has resulted in Brian joining us on a permanent basis. This work is a really important development and is helping to drive our business forward. We’re really looking forward to seeing what else can be achieved through this to aid our vision of becoming Europe’s leading provider of emergency and time-critical logistics solutions.”

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