Priority Freight celebrate ranking 17th in the International Track 200

22nd September 2017

Every year the Sunday Times International Track 200 holds an awards dinner which allows the participating businesses to come together and celebrate their extraordinary achievements.

Despite the challenges faced in 2016, all those attending have continued to seek international opportunities and developed new ways of operating in international markets.

Priority Freight was invited to attend this prestigious dinner at The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane in London. The event celebrates British companies with the fastest-growing international sales, measured using published accounts, and this was the company’s 2nd year in a row at this special function.

Last year we were awarded 24th place out of 200 private mid-market companies, and this year we climbed even further to an impressive 17th place. All of the top 200 companies were represented by their directors, and in our case Andrew Austin attended to receive the framed certificate on behalf of the Priority Freight team.

Amanda Murphy, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC UK, said each business taking part “have acted as trailblazers and a great source of inspiration for business looking to make an impact on the world stage. This is just one of the reasons we are proud to support and work alongside companies like yours.”

Commenting on the event, Andrew said “It was a privilege to receive this prestigious award on behalf of everyone at Priority Freight, and to enjoy the company of many diverse and interesting people from a wide range of successful businesses. It was also good to see how high our ranking was and also that we are the foremost performer in our field by some considerable distance.”

Priority Freight achieved its industry-best ranking by posting a two-year average international sales growth of almost 115%. Currently Europe continues to be a major market though consignments to Asia and North America are also rising. With international sales increasing at a steady pace it will be interesting to see how far up the league table Priority Freight can place.

Willkommen bei Priority Freight

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