Encouraging women to make their mark in logistics

25th August 2017

It is difficult to believe that not so long ago women were treated as second-class citizens, and didn’t enjoy the same rights and privileges available to men. Women’s Equality Day commemorates the signing into law of the Women’s Suffrage Amendment on 26th August 1920, and marks a turning point in the history of the struggle for the equal treatment of women.

Today, women’s equality has grown to mean much more than just having the right to vote. Organisations such as Equality Now and Womankind Worldwide work to provide women with equal opportunities in education and employment, pushing against the suppression and discrimination which still occurs.

In response to the belated realisation that without women, life – and work – would grind to a halt, it has been decided that Millicent Fawcett, the suffragist, will be the first woman honoured with a statue in London’s Parliament Square. As a prominent leader during the campaign for women’s right to vote and take an active part in politics, Millicent served as president of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies. This organisation used peaceful tactics to campaign, including non-violent demonstrations, petitions and the lobbying of MPs.

As a business in a male-dominated industry, Priority Freight is championing and encouraging women in all areas of the workplace, and a growing number of statistics and trends are emerging to prove the wisdom of placing greater numbers of women in logistics jobs.

HR Manager, Liz Taylor-Cook, says: “In an industry which has been historically heavily male-dominated, we’ve currently got 70 women and 88 men in the company. Compared to the start of the year where 40% of our workforce was female, this has now increased to 44%. We are committed to ensuring everyone, whatever their gender or background, is able to explore opportunities and succeed at every level of the business. Since the industry average is around 25%, the fact that more than 40% of our workforce is female is an encouraging statistic.”

But there is still plenty of work to do. Women In Logistics UK is an organisation dedicated to enabling the logistics industry to benefit from female knowledge and expertise. It provides national and local networking and professional development events, offers specialist support and mentoring, and showcases the achievements of role-model women who have already broken through the glass ceiling.

With a membership of almost 4,000, it provides superb opportunities for its members to understand how all areas of the industry work, and advises on the best ways to handle the daily challenges they face. As an inspiring, encouraging and enthusiastic organisation, it provides women with a much-needed voice, and its website offers full details of the work it does.

At Priority Freight we believe that if you don’t encourage women in the workplace you’re losing out on a large pool of talent with unique attributes and inspirational insights. As a leader in emergency and time-critical logistics, we need highly qualified experts in different types of roles throughout the company, and with several strategically placed offices, it is vital for us to include fresh ideas and approaches as we grow and develop our business. If you would like to be part of our team, check out our current vacancies.

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