Consigned, secured and delivered

16th Mai 2019

Keeping your consignment safe every step of the way is our priority. Trust is as important as reputation and if you lose either, clients will quickly become ex-clients. We have a systematic chain of security ring-fencing our consignments, so that every step is monitored from our hands to yours.

Knowledge enhances trust

But security must be implemented in our practices as well. We have to build levels of trust through our expertise obtained from meeting industry standards through FIATA and IATA membership and knowledge gained and adhered to with ISO standards. We have a commitment to act under the strictest rules, enabling the processes that are designed and implemented to move our consignments in the safest and most secure way possible. 

Consistent practices

We meet and exceed industry standards, but safety and security of cargo is enhanced only with consistent good practice. Any chain is only as good as the weakest link and in the supply chain we must test and retest to ensure the integrity of the whole as well as individual possible weaknesses. All of our services from the shorter last mile delivery to the global cross trade are constantly reviewed and treated with the highest level of security.

Secure IT

Software provides additional solutions. Adding tracking to the equation allows clients to see their shipment 24/7, 365 days a year through our secure Intranet and provides levels of reassurance and visibility. The information this offers also keeps us fully up to date with all consignments in real time. 

Constantly adapting to new challenges

Security measures at our warehouses and operational facilities enhance our status to make Priority Freight more than ‘just a safe pair of hands’. We constantly adapt to changing threats and challenges quicker than the people who would like to breach them.

Installing state of the art 360° CCTV systems maintains a visible and ubiquitous deterrent as does the physical presence of manned security. Physical presence enhanced by virtual presence at our locations add to our ethos of constant surveillance of consignments.  

Priority Freight cannot and will not operate outside of these measures!

Willkommen bei Priority Freight

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