Client satisfaction is a priority

16th August 2018

At Priority Freight, we pride ourselves on offering the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions that keep our customers’ global supply chains operating around the clock. But our ability to respond quickly is just part of the story.

Our effectiveness relies on our ability to work in partnership, both with our global network of partners and with our clients. Therefore, the strength of our relationships is paramount.

To ensure we’re delivering our customers’ expectations, our annual client satisfaction survey offers them the opportunity to give honest and anonymous feedback, so we can see areas where we are excelling, and identify any areas where improvement is possible.

This year, we asked our clients about all aspects of our services, including responsiveness to their needs, level of customer support and our reliability. They scored us from 1-5 (with 1 being ‘very dissatisfied’ and 5 being ‘very satisfied’) and we were pleased with the overall response.

100% satisfaction

We’re delighted that 100% of our respondents scored us 3 or above for overall satisfaction – with 85% stating they were satisfied (4) or very satisfied (5) with our overall service.

“Our recent customer satisfaction survey once again revealed the high levels of customer engagement that are driven year in, year out by our logistics teams. Their constant commitment to providing fast and reliable transport solutions, within a 15-minute response time, to support our customers’ supply chains is one of the reasons that 85% of clients are satisfied or very satisfied with our service. I am very proud of our dedication to providing a great service, and of the Priority Freight team that delivers it to the highest standards.” – Stuart Stobie, Group Sales and Marketing Director

Professional team

94% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the professionalism and courteous service they experience from us. This is, we’re sure, largely down to the efforts of our efficient and experienced teams across all our offices. 96% also expressed they were satisfied or very satisfied with the current level of customer support experienced.

“Having knowledgeable staff, who are able to have insightful discussions regarding their requirements, makes a huge difference to the client. This conversation leaves them with confidence that the job will be done correctly and to the agreed deadline, which is vital when dealing with time-critical freight.” – Joao Alves, Team Leader

A strong focus on customer service

We’re always working hard to improve our services and being responsive to our clients’ needs is a vital part of that. When experiencing a logistics emergency – whether it’s because of a manufacturing issue or an unexpected break in the supply chain – they can rely on our ability to act quickly and develop rapid solutions. From the results, 88% of clients were either satisfied (4) or very satisfied (5) with our responsiveness to their needs.

“With a large team of night logistics coordinators, we’re on hand for our customers, every minute of the day. We frequently hear about virtual 24/7 control centres, where customers have had to wake the on-call staff member; this never happens when dealing with Priority Freight. Our teams are responsive and competent at all times, even at 3am.” – Mike Fishwick, Nights Operations Manager

Since our mission is to provide the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable solutions, it’s exhilarating to see 91% of our clients score us 4 or 5 for reliability; we are clearly doing something right. In the last year, 99.6% of consignments were delivered on time, no mean feat when you consider that we delivered over 150,000 time-critical consignments worldwide per year.

Keeping our promises

The feedback we received from our clients has enlightened us on areas where improvements can be made to ensure every aspect of our services and our relationships with them exceeds their expectations. With our increasing customer base and expanding network of partners, the rest of 2018 looks set to be an exciting time.

“At Priority Freight, we always keep our promises and we strive to ensure our customers enjoy working with us. We are nothing without the strong relationships we have with our clients, which is why we aim to provide the highest levels of service excellence at all times, exceeding their expectations.” – Stuart Stobie, Group Sales and Marketing Director

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